Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thank You!!!! San Antonio Triple Play Academy

Special Thanks to San Antonio Triple Play Academy and Coaching Staff.

My son spent two years with the Triple Play Mustangs.  I knew when I signed my son up for this Academy I had two seasons left to get him ready for high school ball.  My son a committed player was given the opportunity to learn the different positions of the game and was taught how to play the position, although it was up to my son to master the position.  Of course as well as any other child you are more talented in certain positions, however with that being said, when the high school coaches ask my son to perform in different positions he was able to do that.  I can not thank the Academy and the coaching staff enough for this. As my son and his family move on to high school ball, the Academy and the coaching staff will never ever be forgotten. I know with my sons experience there will be several other athletes that come out of this academy and grow there baseball dreams.


     Braden  "42"     Jill and Richard McMahan