Our Organization

The San Antonio Triple Play Baseball Academy is dedicated to providing an environment where student-athletes are instructed and prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to successfully compete in the game of baseball and life. Our programs/travel teams are designed to provide our young athletes with a structured building block approach to help them achieve their baseball dreams.

Our organization stresses individual development at a young age to better prepare these players for high school baseball. We strive to give these players the opportunities to play in different competitive levels and even play teams throughout different parts of the country in order to create better, well-rounded athletes.

These teams are led by Jose Villafana who played three years in the St. Louis Cardinals Organization. Coach Villafana's coaching philosophy centers on teaching young athletes proper strength and conditioning routines, proper technique and mechanics, and pitching form. He is devoted to preventing arm injuries in our young players. He challenges these boys by playing the best teams he can find, oftentimes playing up a division. He expects the best from his players, and playing multiple positions encourages teamwork and positive attitudes in the boys.
We have added additional coaches to our program who offer years of successful coaching experience and winning records.

Each SA Triple Play player is dedicated to giving 110% at every practice as well as countless hours spent practicing at home. Our coaches expect nothing but the best in their boys, and they strive to give them that best.

 Some of our winnings include:  

2015 13U Championship Games
September 20, 2015, Pleasanton, Tx, 1st place
October 4, 2015, Pleasanton, Tx, 1st place
2014 12U Championship Games
April 27, 2014 If you Build It, They Will Come, 12U,
2nd Place
February 16, 2014 The Freeze, 12U, 2nd Place
2014 10U Championship Games
March 21, 2014, PAST Time Baseball, 10U,
Tournament Champs
February 23, 2014 PAST Time Baseball, 10U, Tournament Champs
2013 10U Championship Games

September 2013 CTX Fall Ball Jackers Rumble, 10U Champions

October 2013 CTX Fall Turf Wars Bash, 10U Champions

 Nov. 2013 CTX Around the Horn Bash, 10U Runner-Up

2012 9/10u Championship Games

Nov 2012 Double Play Classic, 10u Runner-Up

2012 13U Championship Games

Oct 2012 Mizuno Annual Fall Classic, 13U Runner-Up

2012 8U Championship Games
Jan 2012 SE Pony Tournament, 8U Runner-Up
Feb 2012 Austin Select Early Bird Classic, 8U Tournament Champions
Feb 2012 Prospect Park Tournament, 8U Runner-Up

Mar 2012 Round Rock Spring Fling, 8U Runner-Up

Mar 2012 Austin Select March Mayhem, 8U Runner-Up

Apr 2012 McAllister Park AAA Super Series Tournament, 8U Runner-Up

Apr 2012, San Marcos Slug Fest, 8U Runner-Up

May 2012, Round Rock Mother's Day Madness, 8U Tournament Champions

May 2012, Houston Memorial Day Select, 8U Runner-Up

2012 12U Championship Games
Mar 2012 Round Rock Spring Fling, 12U Runner-Up

Apr 2012 Boerne Lower Flight Take it Yard, 12U Tournament Champions

Jun 2012 AAYBA World Series, 13U Fifth Place Gold Bracket

2012 13U Championship Games
Feb 2012 Austin Select Early Bird Classic, 13U Tournament Champions

Jul 2012 Austin Select Summer Tourney #1, 14u Tournament Champions

2011 8U Championship Games
Sept 2011 San Marcos Slug Fest, 8U Runner-Up

2011 12U Championship Games
Aug 2011 Taylor Back to School Bash, 12U Runner-Up
Sept 2011 San Marcos Slug Fest, 12U Tournament Champions
Oct 2011 Round Rock Graveyard Rumble, 12U Runner-Up
Oct 2011 MacAllister Park American Super Series Tournament, 12U Runner-Up

2011 13U Championship Games
Sept 2011 Taylor Slug Fest, 13U Tournament Champions

2011 11U Championship Games
Feb 2011 Prospect Park, 11U Runner-Up
Mar 2011 Austin March Madness, 11U Tournament Champions
Mar 2011 DS Spring Break Classic, 11U Tournament Champions
Apr 2011 DS Founders Day, 11U Runner-Up
May 2011 Round Rock Mother's Day Madness, 11U Runner-Up
May 2011 Victoria May Madness, 11U Tournament Champions
May 2011 San Marcos Sultans of Swat, 12U Tournament Champions
May 2011 Austin Select State Championship, 11u Tournament Champions
Jun 2011 Super Series State Championship, 12u Tournament Runner-Up Consolation Bracket A

2009-2010 10U Championship Games
Sept 2009 South Texas Tournaments, 10U Runner-Up
Sept 2009 Alamo City Select Baseball, 10U Tournament Champions
Oct 2009 SA 5 Diamonds, 11U Tournament Champions
Nov 2009 DS Select Baseball Tournament, 10U Tournament Champions
Nov 2009 DS Select Baseball, 11U Tournament Champions
Jan 2010 SA 5 Diamonds, 10U Tournament Champions
Feb 2010 South Texas Tournaments, 10U Runner-Up
Mar 2010 Phoenix, Az Triple Crown Spring Championship, 10U Runner-Up
May 2010 Round Rock Mother's Day Madness, 10U Tournament Champions